With the awareness that we owe future generations a healthy environment, we promise

  • To comply with applicable legal requirements, and other requirements relating to environmental aspects.
  • To enhance environmental performance by continuous improvement and optimization in avoiding pollution of air, water and earth,
  • To employ the most appropriate energy, technology, raw materials, equipment and processes in order to avoid waste,
  • On occasions where waste is unavoidable, to reduce waste to minimum, device ways for reuse or recycling, to deliver the waste to authorized companies for appropriate disposal,
  • To supply education and training of the personnel in order to improve environmental consciousness,
  • To avoid engagement in activities where conditions are beyond control and environmental hazards are unavoidable,
  • To pay due attention to most effective use of natural resources and recycling in this content,
  • To protect the environment from possible hazards derived from our products or activities.
We hold all our staff and personnel responsible for carrying out the projects, running the environmental management system and to developing company culture in accordance with the environment policy stated hereby.

The Scope of Environment and OHSAS Management System

The scope of Environment and OHSAS Management System applies to Research and Development, Production, Marketing, Export, Sales and Distribution activities related to Paint and Coating Products provided by Ishakol; all related procedures in compliance with requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

İSHAKOL has identified the internal and external points related to its aims and strategies and which will affect its ability to reach the targets aimed by the Environment and Safety at Work Management system.

İSHAKOL, through efficient and appropriate use of all resources, raw materials, technology and processes aims at success in protecting the environment and achieving security at work. In all its activities, ISHAKOL takes into consideration the legal and other requirements; technological options, business requirements and the views of the interested parties, ensuring that the objectives and targets are in conformity with the environment policy, commitment to pollution prevention and in compliance with applicable legal and other requirements, so that continual success and improvement can be achieved.