"ISHAKOL BOYA, founded in 1923 by my grandfather, Süleyman İshakoğlu, is now 93 years old. I would like to present the following information as the 3rd generation executive of our company. Our family firm, with 100% local funds, invests all of its income to the company, spending on Research & Development and investment for growth. This strategy allows us to offer you with the highest quality products.

Every three months, we purchase from the market the products which claim to be compatible with ours and analyze the performances of our counterparts. If evaluated in terms of price and performance parameters, we are definitely sure that the best paints are manufactured by ISHAKOL. We kindly request that you compare our products with others’ using the same criteria. This comparison will both increase your trust in our products and will lead to your comsumption of our products with appreciation and pleasure.

There were times that we were considered the largest paint manufacturer in Turkey. We aim to be the best rather than the largest. Let us offer you excellence.”

Mehmet Sözer Chief Executive Officer  

"We together with our highly experienced professional team, hold the intention of carrying the brand name to the summit, by contributing to the development, production and quality control of all ISHAKOL products.”"

Tahir Altunbulduk, Ph.D Chief Technology Officer  

"We can only be happy if and when our customers selling our products, paint professionals and end-users using our products are happy. The happiness of all involved in this chain indicates that we are doing our work properly.”

Ahmet Çalık Chief Sales & Marketing Officer