The 4th manufacturing plant of İSHAKOL has became operational at GOSB (Gebze Organized Industrial Zone) in 2012. GOSB is the most advanced industrial zone in Turkey, having the largest national and international industrial plants located on its premises. Our new premises, established with an investment budget of 15 million USD, was constructed with smart building technologies taking into account the EU standards concerning security and health at work, preservation of environmental and ecological values. Currently, our factory has a production capacity of 30.000 tons. Modular planning allows an increase of capacity up to 100% by only additional production equipment. With the inclusion of the reserved plot within our premises the capacity can be increased up to 150.000 tons.

Near 100 years of production experience in combination with plants equipped with the latest technology enables us to supply our customers with high performance products. Our new factory, with a standard product range of over 1200 products and situated production capacity sufficient to supply for the painting needs of over 1.500.000 homes impresses our visitors, including from Europe and North America. Online orders distributed to our sales channels spread throughout Turkey, with the optimal use of production technologies and information technologies, reach to sent status within 48 hours.

Our firm, having stepped into Information Technologies with simple electronic accounting machines prior to 1980, has carried its information systems, which was developed on several platforms within the 25 years in between, to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, Jeeves Enterprise, provided from Sweden in 2003. Keeping in line with the developments in technology our hardware and software systems are being revised and updated every year, enabling a harmonious working environment to our local and online users. The investments we make on technology reflects on the perfection of our products and customer services.

As Turkey’s first national paint manufacturer, the importance we place on quality and innovation provides great results. Introduction of Hybrid paints to our customers in 2008, two years after the launching of Nano technology products in 2006 are only some of the examples of our dynamic Research & Development infrastructure. In order to meet the varying needs of various geographical regions, our products are exposed to stability tests in special accelerated climate testing room during product formulation.

We were the first in Turkey to incorporate BASF colorants with COROB dispensers. The Color Master Coloring System was devised as a result of a long duration of cooperation of our excellent Research & Development staff with solution partners expert on the subject.